bannnan not ripe


Bunch, 2012
Diane Scherer

I’m regretting not getting a pic w the male satsuki, he was my con boyfriend

Anonymous asked: Did you go to the panel cause you wanted to or cause he wanted to?

we ALL wanted to we also went to yuri panel so like. we r gay

I hate poetry tht looks like someone just wrote out a paragraph and then decided to break it up in random spots
like it makes it too hard for me to read when the flow of it and the pauses and breaks don’t seem intentional or make any sense

rice cosplaying as a football

there were sooo many good utena cosplays

there were such good klk cosplayers and we walked by while they were in a group posing for pics and asked me to join and I almost pissed myself I’m a child

Eggs Sunny Side Up