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-Name: Alyssa
-Nicknames: Dotoli, Mrs, Lyss, Link, Pill, Bean, SaSa
-Birthday: April 22, 1996
-Gender: *gargling*
-Sexuality: Pan? Bi??
-Height: 4’11”
-Time Zone: why
-Average hours of sleep each night: 6-7?? maybe 8 
-The last thing I googled: almonds
-My most used phrases: “o tru” “same” “I wanna die”
-First word that comes to mind: I’m just getting a bunch of mushed up words in my head rn
-One place that makes me happy and why: SEATTLE i love cities I love the weather I love the market and walking around everywhere AND BONUS San Fran cuz all the diff types of restaurants
-How many blankets I sleep under: 1 rn, 100000 in winter
-Favorite beverages: WATER IS ALL I DRINK but when I get treats I love calpico, horchata, Arizonas, and bubble tea (sour flavours or coconut and lavender)
-Last movie I watched at the cinema: Guardians of the Galaxy
-Three things I can’t live without: Water, socks, a blanket
-Something I plan on learning: Uh, new recipes???? I don’t know
-Piece of advice: use argan oil

I gotta tag people oh god uh fckin uh.
shelfstuff srilby yiffwitch pkslider I’m sorry guys

I need a new icon maybe

costco has EVERYTHING

I’m thinking maybe I should scrap all the bears I made and just make the bigger white one…. guh…

s2g if this dumb emergen-c doesn’t get me not as sick before the convention I will pee on everything


Miu Miu FW 14

I got done early on the night I have no plans or anyone to hang with T^T

Eggs Sunny Side Up